Indian language wikipedias – 2010 statistical report

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  1. Nice and exhaustive report ! Thanq Shiju ..

  2. gnowgi says:

    Thank you for the excellent report. It is very useful.

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  4. Rajesh says:

    Excellent and very detailed work.

    I see improvements in creating community and there are more active users than in the past. For example in Sanskrit, Pali and Bhojpuri.

    Nepal Bhasa now has very less contributors. Eukesh used to be the great contributor and he did his best to put the Newari wikipedia “Nepal bhasa” into existence. Had he not been there there would not have been such wikipedia today. His contribution in Hindi wikipedia and Nepali wikipedia along with Pali, Bhojpuri, Bisnupriya and used to be significant.

    Shiju has truly said “Now there is no community to work on it. ” .

    Lets hope for the best. Kudos to everyone who have tried their best to retain their community. Its really a hard job but it should not last long.

  5. Ravi says:

    Good report and thanks for the patient work.

    Interesting to see growth profile in a year. Hope we can do this every year from now.

  6. Great work Shiju, thanks. I wish there was a way to bring in India-related English Wikipedia statistics.

  7. Natkeeran says:

    Building the community is the key. For that Number of Edits and Active Users are important parameters. Malayalam Wiki is punching above its weight relative all Indian Wikipedias. Specially taking into account the population base. Good education attainment in Kerala and the community mindedness of Keralites are key in this regards. Tamil is ok, Hindi is lacking, and Telugu is way behind.

  8. Shiju Alex says:

    Thank you all for your valuable comments.

    As Natkeeran said above, building the community (not increasing the article count) is the key.

    Which ever community understand the importance of this factor will succeed. All other communities who are concentrating on increasing the article count without bothering about its readers or building the community will lag behind. When this happens for big Indian language wikipedias that will affect the wikimedia movement in India Itself.

  9. Dhaval says:

    Excellent Report Shiju! Especially for me, it was of great interest as I could compare where my Gujarati (please note, it is not Gujarathi) wikipedia stands among other Indian wikipedia. Keep the good work up.

  10. Nikolay N.Pavlov says:

    Great work Shiju, thanks. Your report is discussed in Russia. Probably, on its basis someone will make the analysis on Wikipedias in the Russian languages.

  11. Nikolay N.Pavlov says:

    …on Wikipedias in languages of the Russian Federation.

  12. Shiju Alex says:

    Thanks Nokolay. I am very happy to hear that.

    Comparison of wikipedias of same language family or same region will benefit each other. It will allow the respective community to strengthen the respective language wikipedias. Other wise we will be in our own world by thinking that our wikipedia is the best wikipedia 🙂 We never know a neighboring language wikipedia might be far better and more useful to the readers. So sharing help every one.

    I am very happy to hear that this report has even helped Russian wikipedians!!!!

  13. Shiju Alex says:

    Thanks Dhaval.

    I will correct the spelling of Gujarati from next report onwards. I am unable to correct this now as the tables for all parameters are uploaded as images.

  14. Raman says:

    I really want to help in Punjabi Wikipedia from my heart. I love Wikipedia – one of the best! on internet. But the problem is currently I do not have much time coz exams are near in these months. But whenever I’ve time, I will surely give some contribution. 🙂 Wikipedia Rocks!

  15. Comparison is encouraging everyone of speaking any language. Thank you for ever.

  16. Bishakha Datta says:

    Great report, Shiju. Finally read it properly. A couple of questions:

    *The percentage of bot edits seems pretty high on many of the languages: Marathi, Bengali, Urdu, Kannada for example (higher than the 40-50% balance you say is fine). Any thoughts on how this balance can be achieved in practice?

    *The number of highly active wikipedians (with 100+ edits per month) has gone down in many of the group 1 languages: eg Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Urdu + others. As you say, these editors are the backbones of that language wikipedia, so this seems a bit worrying to me. Any thoughts what the issues might be – and how this trend might be reversed?

  17. Shiju Alex says:

    For both the queries answer is simple.
    – Build the community. The wikis of language communities interested in building the community are doing well (for example, Tamil and Malayalam).
    – Interact with other language wikimedians and adopt the best practices.
    – Consider readers also when designing UI. Provide some tools for them to search for the articles in wiki. A good readership will in turn attract more people to wiki.

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  20. Bhojpuri says:

    Its a great language. Just love it.

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