I am Shiju Alex.

My interests include Astrophysics, Trekking, Malayalam Wiki projects and other Malayalam Computing related activities….


5 Responses to About

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Dr Sumana Koundinya says:

    hi shiju, Namasthe…

    I read ur wallposts @practical samskrit and was quite impressed.
    I work for an NGO striving for the cause of reviving Samskrit as a spoken language, based in bangalore. We have taken up improving Sanskrit contents at wikipedia/source quotes etc. could you please share your thoughts/progress on the project since i see in your posts that you were active on this much earlierto us. guess we have some common grounds to discuss on. awaiting your reply…

  3. Binny Thomas says:


    I am Binny Thomas, representing the website Ubuntu Manual. As the name suggests UM is a site that delivers content related to Ubuntu, its derivatives and related software. We are looking to expand our website and are seeking talented writers familiar with Ubuntu or similar open source software to include in our community of writers.

    We had come across your blog on the web and was wondering whether you would be interested in writing for us. We can provide sufficient compensation for your writings and would love to have you as one of our writers.

    I will provide you with the rest of the details if you are interested.


    Binny Thomas,
    Ubuntu Manual

    PS: Do remember to mention your blog while replying 🙂

  4. linish says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am making a web in Malayalam, I would like to ingrate a portion of http://www.mlwiki.in/wikisrccd/index.html in that web. Is it possible? If not possible, whats the procedure(I mean permission) to copy some contents,,

  5. Animals name in sanskrit

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